Alexander Huzman

GM (1991)

2-nd in USSR Championship (1979)


In Eger (1988) 1st-2nd place, 1st in Baku (1988)

In 1999, he tied for 5-6th with Boris Avrukh in Tel Aviv (Boris Gelfand, Ilia Smirin, and Lev Psakhis won). In 2000, he tied for 1st-2nd with Avrukh in Biel. In 2003 during the European Clubs Cup in Crete, he scored an upset win over Garry Kasparov after Kasparov made a rare blunder. In 2004, he took 6th in Beer ShevaRapid (Viktor Korchnoi won). In 2005, he took 3rd in Montreal (Victor Mikhalevski won).

Huzman has trained Canadian Grandmaster Mark Bluvshtein, with success, and seconded top player Boris Gelfand.

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