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GM Andriy Volokitin wins 2015 Ukrainian Chess Championship

GM Andriy Volokitin is the 2015 Chess Champion of Ukraine. The tournament was held in Lviv from the 3rd of December to the 14th of December 2015. Volokitin won over GM Martin Krastiv (2nd place) and GM Zahar Efimenko (3rd place) on tiebreakers, after all three player had accumulated 7 out of 11 points. Final…

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Ukraine’s Chess Champions to be determined today

Ukrainian chess championship for men and women that gathered the best players of the country in Lviv for two weeks is coming to the end. Today, after the last round, we will know the names of the Champions. After the 11th round both Kravtsiv and Efimenko has 6.5 points. They are followed by Volokitin and…

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